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Naturalization Drive 2019 FAQ
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SABA Naturalization Drive Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SABA’s Naturalization Drive?

                SABA’s Naturalization Drive is one of the signature SABA Cares events, and is our way of encouraging permanent residents who otherwise qualify, to become United States Citizens. SABA attorneys volunteer their time to assist the public in filling out the N-400 (citizenship application) form.

2. What is the purpose of SABA’s Naturalization Drive?

                The purpose of SABA’s Naturalization Drive is to assist eligible permanent residents to take the next step and become United States Citizens. In recent years protections have eroded for permanent residents. SABA’s Naturalization Drive is to encourage these individuals to protect their hard-fought status by becoming U.S. Citizens.

3. Why should my local SABA organization join the Naturalization Drive?

                SABA’s first Naturalization Drive was held 2018 with the aim of making this an annual event. For those chapters that participated in 2018, the unanimous feedback was that it was extremely productive. Support of the Naturalization Drive not only gives the local SABA chapter positive exposure in the press, it also affords attorneys an opportunity to give back to their local communities as well as obtaining pro-bono volunteer hours (for those jurisdictions that permit this). By participating in this event, members of the South Asian community who would otherwise never have an interaction with an attorney gain exposure to their local SABA chapter as well as local attorneys participating in the event. Some immigrants are more comfortable in speaking with someone who is from their own community and/or speaks their own language, so this is an opportunity to reach out to those people who might not otherwise come out and help them become a citizen.  

4. Does an attorney need to be an immigration attorney in order to participate?

                No!! It is important to note that SABA will be providing training to all volunteers who wish to participate in the Naturalization Drive. SABA volunteers are only going to assist individuals in filling out the N-400 application. Attorney volunteers will not be providing legal advice to the community. If an individual requires legal advice, volunteers will be instructed to hand to these people a list of SABA attorneys who can assist them, and the individual can then make an appointment at a later time.

5. What is the cost to attendees of the event?

                There is no cost to attend. Volunteers will help fill out the application at no charge to an individual. Of course, the individual is responsible for paying all filing fees to the government, but there will be no charge to the individual in having someone help them fill out the N-400 application.

6. Is there any benefit to becoming a Naturalization Drive volunteer?

                Yes. Not only are volunteers participating in a good deed, they are also fostering networking with other SABA Attorney volunteers as well as meeting members of the community who may need their services in the future. As stated earlier, most members of the South Asian community have not had an interaction with an attorney. This is an opportunity to meet these individuals, network, and lead to potential business.

7. Can only members of the South Asian public attend or can only South Asian Attorneys volunteer for Naturalization Drive?

                No. We would love for this event to become heavily attended and as such, the public is invited to come out to the event. SABA North America encourages all chapters to discuss the event with other organizations to get maximum exposure for the event as well as procuring the necessary volunteers to assist in the Naturalization Drive. Please contact your local AILA chapter, Bar Associations, etc. and notify them of the event.

8. When will Naturalization Drive be held?

                Naturalization Drive is scheduled to be held on November 16, 2019 in chapters around the U.S.

9. Who can I speak to if I have any additional questions?

                If any chapter has additional questions not answered here, please reach out to SABA’s Immigration Committee Co-Chair, and she will be happy to answer any concerns:

Madhurima Paturi, Esq.

Phone: (772) 480-6883