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Candidate Statement2019
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EC Candidate for Young Lawyers Division Chair

 Aastha Madaan

I am honored to have been nominated for the position of Chair of the South Asian Bar Association Young Lawyers Division. 

As a new entity, the SABA YLD is in a unique position to attract the new generation of South Asian lawyers that are facing different challenges and have a different perspective than the first wave of South Asian lawyers that paved the way in the last few decades. 

The new wave of lawyers are also millennials and are less likely to pay for memberships or be a part of an organized group. They need a reciprocal relationship and benefits in order to stay involved. As the Chair, I will focus to two goals: (1) continue to build on the reputation started by the previous Chair within the ABA and diversity-based bar associations nationwide and (2) create opportunities to involve more young lawyers with the YLD. 

For the first goal, my strategy will be to outreach the local chapter of SABA where the next ABA YLD meeting will be held well in advance of the meeting and ask the leadership of the local chapter to attend the meeting, if possible. This will allow SABA and South Asian lawyers more visibility and representation at meetings, allow SABA members to interact with ABA members at all levels, and hopefully, pave the way for ABA to understand the importance of SABA prior to the next application cycle. Secondly, I would encourage our SABA substantive committees to become more involved with, provide speakers to, and co-sponsor programs with the equivalent groups in the ABA. Potentially, the substantive committees in SABA could also start appointing a person as a community liaison for that substantive topic. 

For the second goal, I would like to bring more opportunities to attract younger, millennial lawyers to become involved with SABA and SABA YLD. With the guidance of SABA leaders, I would like to build a team of leader for SABA YLD that are also leaders in local, state, and national bar associations. With the experience and cross-leadership of the team, we can bring writing, speaking, and networking opportunities to attract younger members for SABA and SABA YLD. 

Although initially SABA YLD was formed to begin the process of becoming affiliated with the ABA, I think it has a lot of potential to be the home for new lawyers are SABA sees a second wave of younger lawyers with different perspective come in. I hope to build to the work of the first Chair of SABA YLD to continue creating a strong foundation for South Asian young lawyers.