For Immediate Release, September 25, 2017 

SABA Opposes Third Muslim Ban Issued by Trump Administration 

The South Asian Bar Association of North America maintains its opposition to the series of Executive Orders by President Trump aimed at restricting immigration from a number of Muslim-majority countries. The Executive Order issued last night continues the onerous restrictions on six Muslim majority countries, and adds restrictions to North Korea and Venezuela under the auspice of national security. 

The Administration portrays these restrictions as less arbitrary than those that came before it; however, they have failed to provide the American public with any information supporting their position.  “The ban remains so expansive as to vilify the entire populations of several countries and continues to focus on countries primarily based on their religious majorities,” said SABA President Rishi Bagga.  “Furthermore, the Administration has made this ban, for all intents and purposes, permanent.” Additionally, the exception for people with a bona fide relationship in the United States will expire in mid-October, making this immigration ban even more restrictive than its two previous iterations.  

SABA calls on our elected representatives to demand greater transparency from the Administration for its decision to not only continue its travel ban but to expand it. Because the Order provides some detail about the process, but not the results of that process, it is difficult to view these immigration restrictions as actually based in national security concerns rather than as racially and politically motivated. The reasons why these countries have been chosen and how their status might change is unknown. SABA will continue to stand against these increasing attacks on the ability to immigrate to the United States.