The South Asian Bar Association of North America (SABA North America) (formerly North American South Asian Bar Association or NASABA) provides a vital link between South Asian lawyers and the South Asian community across North America. As a bar association, SABA North America affords South Asian lawyers across the continent a recognized forum for professional growth and advancement. By promoting the South Asian bar and focusing on the legal needs of the South Asian community, SABA North America is the fastest growing organization of South Asian lawyers in the world. We are convinced that a strong South Asian bar in North America is essential to protecting the rights and liberties of South Asians across this continent. As the South Asian business community in North America continues to prosper, SABA North America provides them with a directory of qualified legal professionals that not only have the sophistication to provide creative business solutions, but also understand their motivations and goals.

The mission, goals and objectives of SABA North America are:

  • To support, guide, mentor, and foster all the local South Asian Bar Associations (SABAs) in North America
  • To be a resource tool for all the local SABAs, allow the leaders of the local SABAs a platform to communicate with each other, and share the best practices of local SABAs with other chapters
  • To assist in the formation of new SABA chapters around the continent
  • To provide a networking forum for all South Asian attorneys
  • To provide a referral network/service to the entire South Asian community
  • To promote professional development for South Asian attorneys and law students
  • To coordinate activities and thoughts with other national bar associations in North America and in South Asia
  • To educate and disseminate information to the South Asian community about the law, legal access, and relevant legal issues

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